The EFRJ Values and Standards Committee extends a warm invitation to our upcoming online meeting, the second in a series dedicated to exploring the core restorative values and principles that guide our practice. This will be a special edition marking the Restorative Justice Week 2023. It will focus on confidentiality in restorative justice. For this occasion free of charge attendance is offered to everyone. 

The conversation will take place online on Wednesday 22 November from 5 - 7pm CET.

In this interactive and thought-provoking session, we will be focusing on the critical principle of 'confidentiality'. Join us to:

  • Reflect on your practice: Take a moment to reflect on your own experiences of applying
    confidentiality in your restorative justice work.
  • Address challenges: Engage in discussions to understand and address the challenges
    associated with confidentiality, sharing insights and ideas.
  • Intentional practice: Learn strategies to make confidentiality an intentional and integral part
    of your restorative practice.

This event will be led by experienced restorative practitioners and will include practical examples and suggestions for practice. The committee aims to create an open space for sharing, collective reflection and support. Participants are invited to bring their experiences and concerns.

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