The EFRJ Values and Standards Committee invites you to a series of conversations reflecting on our core restorative values. Each event will focus on a particular value, using case studies and practical examples to support an in-depth exploration of the value and its implications for practice.

Our inaugural conversation will take place on Thursday 21 September 2023 from 5 pm - 7 pm CEST.

This time the focus will be on Voluntariness

Join us to -

  • reflect on your experiences of applying voluntariness in your own practice
  • explore the challenges connected to voluntariness
  • consider how to make voluntariness an intentional part of your restorative practice

This event will be led by experienced restorative practitioners and will include practical examples and suggestions for practice. The Committee aims to create an open space for sharing, collective reflection and support. Participants are invited to bring their experiences and concerns.

The event is designed and particularly recommended for practitioners. Yet, anyone can join, also people with no practical experience (yet). 

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Participation fee

Default price50€
For EFRJ members10€

(The discount for members is applied automatically when you are logged in with your member account.)

Guideline on the Principle of Voluntariness in Restorative Justice

How the principle of voluntariness applies in practice
EFRJ, 2023.

Manual on Restorative Justice Values and Standards for Practice

Developed by the EFRJ