As part of the 2020 Winter Academy we invite you to take part in three special lectures that introduce essential questions and ideas about the restorative justice and its high-quality and innovative application. The talks are offering a great addition to the two introductory courses of the Winter Academy and enable participants to join the most current discourses around restorative justice today. A the lectures will be pre-recorded and participants can access and watch them at their own pace, when it suits them during the period of the Winter Academy and even beyond. A linked live online Q&A session will be organised. This will provide an opportunity to engage in an interactive discussion with the presenters, ask questions from them or give comments on the ideas they introduced in their talks. 


  1. Christina de Angelis and Sarri Bater: Integrating a Consciousness of Systemic Power and Privilege into Restorative Justice
  2. Tim Chapman: The application of restorative justice values, principles and practices to a range of different contexts (family, schools, neighbourhoods, cities, organisations). 
  3. Tehmina Kazi: Restorative Justice for LGBT hate crime: developing restorative cultures and leadership

Participation fee: 22 € for non-members and 20 € for members.*

*Members can access the talks and related Q&A session with a 10% reduction of the price that non-members pay. In order to get the reduced price, members need to request a promotion code before registering. (This will be required when filling in the form.) To get to code please contact us at: 



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