The symposium “Restorative Justice Over Distance” (21-25 June 2021) will provide the virtual space for knowledge sharing and exchange among our growing international community of restorative justice practitioners, researchers, policymakers and activists.

Register before 14 June! Only registered participants will have access to the virtual platform hosting the symposium: make sure you provide the email that you will use to access the platform! 

EFRJ members benefit of a 50% automatic discount: simply login on our website and the fee will be updated according to your membership status. This applies for members who renewed their membership in 2021 as well as to new members.

>>> Doubts about the status of your membership, or you work for an organisational member of the EFRJ? Contact our finance officer Rik Defrere to know more or get the 50% discount code.
>>> Other questions about the symposium? Contact our events officer Emanuela Biffi.
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