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Full and associate membership

Want to become a member, but not sure which type (full or associate) or membership to choose? The information below might help you. 

Want to shape the future of our organisation?

The European Forum for Restorative Justice is evolving thanks to its vibrant and dynamic members. The most important decisions are made in a democratic process, partly by our Board (which is elected by the members) and partly on the Annual General Meeting. This meeting is open to all members. In order to vote or to candidate to become a Board member you need to have a FULL membership status.  Do you want to have a say in our organisation and do you have the capacity to participate on the Annual General Meetings? If yes, apply for FULL membership.  If you change you mind later, you can change your status at any point. 

Please note: if you fail to vote on several consecutive Annual General Meetings your status will become ASSOCIATE. 

Are you too busy during the Annual General Meetings?

No problem. If you agree with the general aims of the European Forum for Restorative Justice and want to join our community, you are welcome! In the case you cannot and do not plan to vote on the upcoming meetings it is best to apply for ASSOCIATE membership.  If you change you mind later, you can change your status at any point.