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Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

In line with the spirit of its founders, the Università Cattolica specifically aims at assuring the presence of committed people in the academic and cultural world who are prepared to address and solve the problems of society and culture, enlightened by the Christian message and Christian moral principles.

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Associazione Aleteia

Aleteia works in a national context and particularly in the territory of the Tuscany Region. Aleteia promotes and implements projects of solidarity and social development, in particular: social and cultural initiatives, projects of primary and secondary prevention; trainings and orientation; initiatives of conflict resolution, conciliation, social, familiar, civil, corporate and penal mediation. In respect of the Directive 2012/29/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime, Aleteia works on strengthening and guaranteeing the rights of all victims, such as the right to information and support, no matter the type of crime or socio-physical characteristic, such as sex, age, ethnic or social origin, race, religion or belief or socio-economic and sanitary conditions of the victim. Our team is composed by mediators, criminologists, lawyers, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrist, social operators, corporate coaches with long-time experience. As members of the EFRJ we seek to collaborate with other organizations across Europe that work in the field of the restorative justice. Contact: Andreea Mihai

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Associazione Comunità il gabbiano Onlus

The non-profit community association "Il Gabbiano" has been operating in Lombardy since 1983 for the promotion and protection of the dignity of the person, in particular in cases where there are problems with drug addiction and alcoholism.
Over the years, to meet the growing demands for intervention in the context of social hardship, Il Gabbiano has extended its services to the reception of women and men with AIDS and underage children at serious risk of social marginalization.
The Association is registered in the Social Section of the General Regional Registry of Volunteers: on a legal level it is a Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility (ONLUS), recognized, among other things, by the Juvenile Justice Office of the Ministry of Justice for the placement of minors in criminal situations.
Il Gabbiano is part of the National Coordination of the Reception Communities (CNCA), of the Italian Housing and Housing Coordination for AIDS patients (CICA), of the Regional Accommodation House Coordination for people with AIDS (CRCA), of the Coordination of Auxiliary Bodies of Lombardy ( CEAL) and is recognized at regional level as an Auxiliary Body. Manager of rehabilitation and reintegration structures for women and men with drug addiction and alcohol dependence problems.

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Associazione Sponde’ ONLUS

Associazione Sponde' ONLUS aims to spread a culture of peace, strengthen the standards of civic culture, contribute to the containment of social alarm through actions in the field of general and special prevention.
The operators, trained in mediation according to a humanistic approach, ensure each of the defendants a space of speech and listening, protected and reserved, where everyone can give voice to their experience and their emotions.

C.R.I.S.I. S.c.a.r.l. Onlus




The Study Center on Reparatory Justice and Mediation (CeSGReM) was established on 6 October 2014 with the aim of encouraging research, training and the dissemination of knowledge on restorative justice, mediation and alternative conflict resolution tools, carrying out and promoting research activities and projects and training courses.

C.E.A.S. Coopertiva Sociale logo

C.E.A.S. Coopertiva Sociale

The C.E.A.S. Cooperative Society Srl - Educational Center for Reception and Solidarity was established in December 1999 to meet the need to create an integrated system of interventions to prevent and combat juvenile hardship on the territory of Rome and Province, with particular reference to the socio-health district No. 32 (Mentana-Monterotondo-Fonte Nuova).

Regione Autonoma Trentino Alto-Adige/ Uffico Integrazione Europeane aiuti umanitari

Regione Autonoma Trentino Alto-Adige/ Uffico Integrazione Europeane aiuti umanitari

Regione Autonoma Trentino Alto-Adige/ Uffico Integrazione Europeane aiuti umanitari is responsible for implementing regional laws on European integration.
It takes care of the obligations connected with the implementation of the purposes set out in the regional laws on humanitarian aid, ensuring connections with state bodies responsible for development cooperation at national and international level. Cura the formalities related to the provision of scholarships in favor of students of high schools for attending a school year abroad.

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Instituto Don Calabria


Fr. Calabria started his Mission by taking care of poor children, whom he called “buoni fanciulli” (good children).

Nowadays, there are many Calabrian houses in the world, that take care of children and adults as well: day care centers, foster homes, shelters, kindergartens, schools, professional training centers, social centers and rehab centers.

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Procedamus is a training-intervention project for Universities and researchers. 

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Eughenia Società Cooperativa Sociale - Onlus


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Centro Italiano per la Promozione della Mediazione


The C.I.P.M., or Italian Center for the Promotion of Mediation, is a social cooperative founded in March 1995 in Milan by a group of criminologists, sociologists, psychologists, social workers and magistrates. It constitutes the first presence organized on a national territory for the training and dissemination of mediation practices.

Since then, the Association has proposed to promote the peaceful management of conflicts through mediation, to coordinate and sponsor professional bodies and initiatives and to participate in or promote forums for reflection and study concerning issues related to mediation and peaceful conflict management

logo Progetto Nathan

Nathan Association


The Nathan Association brings together people who are dedicated to restorative justice and prison. Prison is a response to injustice and crime that increasingly turns out to be an irrational choice linked to logics unable to plan in the medium and long term. The lack of funds and information in this area makes the initiatives capable of giving effective and often fragile responses. The main objective is to promote the culture of restorative justice by carrying out initiatives that lead to the dissemination of restorative justice practices such as the establishment of the network of restorative justice centres or the Summer School - “The justice of the encounter” in Bergamo.

Nathan promotes the reception of refugees and supports the victims of human trafficking, and in 2017 he developed a project with Caritas Bergamo for the reception of asylum seekers in the family as a remedial practice of what migration causes within a community.

Nathan works to create a network of bodies operating in the field of justice and through it to disseminate information on the services that the national and European territory offers to offenders, victims and their families. Nathan facilitates the network to raise funds to implement restorative justice's actions.

Università degli Studi di Padova

Università degli Studi di Padova


Dating back to 1222, the University of Padova (UNIPD) is one of the oldest universities in the World and one of the leading Universities in Italy with a long tradition and consolidated reputation for scientific excellence. Its 32 departments, 40 doctoral degree courses and 44 interdisciplinary research and service centers cover an exceptionally broad research scope including Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Physics, Technology, Life Sciences, Medicine, Natural Sciences. Frontier Research@UNIPD is funded by Intramural grants and European projects, being a first driver for technology transfer. The University of Padova is recognized among the best Italian universities, with 60,000 students and about 2,300 professors and researchers employed.

Thanks to a project on European research networks, undertaken by three scholars at the Department of Private Law and Critic of Law, Federico Reggio (senior researcher), Stefano Fuselli (full professor) and Paolo Moro (full professor), UNIPD has formalized the application for joining the European Forum for Restorative Justice as organizational member, with the aim of promoting, within this network, virtuous connections among scholars involved in the study of Restorative Justice and closely related fields.



Area Science Park - a public national research organization - promotes the development of innovation processes. For 40 years, its mission has been to boost connections between research and enterprise, public administration and the private sector, supporting national and international initiatives and fostering territorial development.
Area Science Park’s valuable assets can provide a range of benefits to regional and national economic systems, including specialized skills for business innovation services, capacity for the creation and development of innovative start-ups, cutting-edge equipment and technological facilities for industrial research, advanced training for human resources.

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