This theatre play "La mirada del otro" (the other's gaze) is part of a trilogy, product of 10 years research, artistic and pedagogical work conducted by the collective Project 43-2, founded by María San Miguel. This specific play focuses on the restorative encounters between ETA dissidents and the families of their victims, presenting elements for transforming the conflict and promoting a culture of peace.

During the entire REstART week, we could watch the video of "the making of" this theatre project (subtitled in English). This video is not anymore available, but you find below the recordings of the live talk with María San Miguel on 4 December 2020 via Zoom. This talk was facilitated by senior mediator Alberto Olalde (Basque Country).

On 5 December María also joined the REstARTISTS' common discussion closing the REstART Festival, together with 4 other artists dedicated to restorative justice. 

"The fact that words are the only weapon. In the theatre we put the body to the words that transform societies"

The artistic and pedagogical work of Proyecto 43-2 aims to present the human being beyond politics and social constructs, placing the human component in the centre of the political sphere and giving visibility to the new complex realities and identifying the agents of transformation. Their work fosters the role of theatre as a tool to aid reflection and to generate new social relations founded in equality, as well as breaking away from prejudice. The dichotomy of good and evil is overcome, by shifting the focus of the narrative to the dissidents within their own groups, thus rupturing the current predominant narratives.

"When they killed my father, it was like night falling at home"

Part of the play's dialogue

La mirada del otro poster

This trilogy about the violence in the Basque Country, and the peace process, are a part of a bigger project. The short video that will be presented at the REstART Festival documents the making of "La mirada del otro", concerning the encounters that took place between some ETA victims and dissidents from the terrorist group thanks to a mediation program. This work has been used to raise awareness within the Spanish society about the usefulness and benefits of restorative justice and about the actual restorative justice encounters that occurred in the prison Nanclares de la Oca, key to the peace process in Spain. María San Miguel will join us for an online talk about this art project.

Below you can find the trailer of the theatre play and additional video materials subtitled in English.

Maria San Miguel

María San Miguel is a playwright and actress. She studied Journalism and has a Master Degree in Humanities. In 2009, she founded the documentary theatre company Proyecto 43-2 in Spain. During ten years, she made an investigation for creating a trilogy about the violence in Basque Country. Her work has been recognised with some of the most important cultural creation scholarships in her country. The performances created by Proyecto 43-2 have visited countries such as Portugal, Colombia or France and sometimes the company performed inside prisons.

Since the launch of "La mirada del otro" María has participated in some conferences in relationship with restorative justice. She has worked with some Spanish universities and peace organisations and have collaborated with the European Forum for Restorative Justice and the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN). She collaborates with theatres and schools of drama and arts, teaching documentary theatre tools.