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Located in Aotearoa New Zealand’s capital city, the Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice serves as a focus for collaborative, interdisciplinary research and teaching on restorative justice theory and practice, both within the justice sector and beyond. Established in 2014 as a result of a partnership between several public sector agencies, a private trust, and Victoria University of Wellington, the DU Chair is charged with increasing the reach and quality of restorative interventions across civil society in an academically credible and practice-focused way.
The holder of the Chair, Professor Chris Marshall, provides academic and professional leadership to a team of researchers and practice experts. The international make-up of the team is reflective of the connections the DU Chair seeks to foster with its global neighbours, through hosting academic and practice experts and by establishing links with groups like the European Forum for Restorative Justice. As we seek to build on New Zealand’s reputation in the restorative justice community, we look forward to learning from and contributing to this burgeoning social movement. Contact: Tom Noakes-Duncan

Header photo: Wellington by Pat Ho