Flyer of the launching webinar

Interview with Jee Aei (Jamie) Lee

We have invited for a short interview Ms Jee Aei (Jamie) Lee, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer of the Justice Section of the UNODC, who was the key coordinator of the new edition of the UNODC Handbook on Restorative Justice Programmes.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is one of the most important organisations for the global coordination of crime prevention and responses to crime. That is why it is of worldwide significance that the Office has restorative justice on its agenda, and published the Handbook in its prestigious Criminal Justice Handbook Series. The book may globally advance the implementation and application of restorative justice in criminal justice matters in a number of countries. Listen to Ms Lee presenting the development and features of the new edition and register to take part in the launching webinar this Friday at 2 pm (CEST) here

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