Board Elections 2022

At the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ), five Board members will be elected. New Board members, according to the adapted rules (see AGM 2018) will be elected for a 4 years term. 
The AGM will take place in Sassari, Italy on 22 June 2022 evening, followed by the 11th International Conference of the EFRJ (23-25 June). Before that, the EFRJ also organises a 1,5 day training course with Dominic Barter (21-22 June).

The EFRJ Board appointed the Selection Committee composed of EFRJ members: 

  •  Aarne Kinnunen (Finland)
  • Ivo Aertsen (Belgium)
  • Olga Kiseleva (Russia). 

The task of the Selection Committee is to seek and approve nominations of candidates, to prepare the elections, and to control the election procedures. The chair of the committee is Aarne Kinnunen. For more information please contact

The term of the following Board members comes to an end in June, but in case of a first mandate, they can be re-elected for a second term:

  • Annemieke Wolthuis, The Netherlands, Vice-chair (appointed in Leiden 2016, second mandate) 
  • Lars Otto Justad, Norway, Konfliktrådet (appointed in Leiden 2016, first mandate)
  • Brunilda Pali, Belgium, KU Leuven Institute of Criminology (appointed in Leiden 2016, first mandate)
  • Bart Claes, Belgium, Avans University NL (appointed in Leiden 2016, first mandate)
  • Patrizia Patrizi, Italy, Sassari University (appointed in Berlin 2017, first mandate)

The members staying at the Board are:

  • Tim Chapman, UK, University of Ulster (appointed in Tirana 2018 for 6 years, second mandate)
  • Katerina Soulou, Greece (appointed in Tirana 2018 for 6 years, first mandate)
  • Maia Chochua, Georgia (appointed online in 2020 for 4 years, first mandate)
  • Petra Masopust Šachová, Czech Republic (appointed online in 2020 for 4 years, first mandate)

The deadline for the nominations is 11 May 2022.

Board members will have to sign up to the Code of Conduct of the EFRJ Board members. This means that candidates must agree to this Code of Conduct and sign it once elected.

The preferred profiles of the new Board members are: 

  • strong background in policy (national or international level), or
  • experience in (non-profit) organisational management or in fundraising, or
  • experienced practitioner or trainer or representative of a practice organisation, or
  • academic or researcher.

Preference is given to candidates from Nordic or Western European countries. Please note that coming from an EU member state is not a requirement. Organisational members have to nominate a person for Board membership, not the organisation as
Still, ANY application from any full member is welcome! Applications must come with a nomination of the candidate by a proposer and a seconder (from two different countries, both full members of the EFRJ).
Candidatures have to be submitted through the link below. 

Please contact if you have questions.

By 23 May 2022, the Selection Committee will publish on the EFRJ website an overview of the candidates, together with the names of their proposers and seconders and their introduction. Please find out more information on the election procedure in the official documents of the EFRJ.

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