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The Research Committee asks for your input

The members of the recently established European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) Research Committee (RECOM),  are mapping research gaps and needs on restorative justice and calls for your contribution. 

A little background: the members of the committee met for the first time in Leuven on 26 November 2019 during a wider event organised by the EFRJ for its Committees and Working Groups.  The main aims of RECOM are to support research on restorative justice, disseminate research outcomes, and translate research into policy and practice. To further these aims and optimise our work, RECOM wishes to have a two-ways interaction with the membership, where we can be useful as a committee to all of you, and where you can contribute to feed our work. 

In that regard, they launch a call for input on any research gaps/needs on restorative justice from your perspective. Based on your suggestions, the committee plans to draft a long-term and short-term research plan for the EFRJ.  

At the moment the committee is busy drafting Research Briefs, and they are open for your suggestions for themes/research reports that you would find interesting to be summarised through one/two-page long briefs that can be useful for policy makers, practitioners, or the public. 

In addition, they are  aware of the lack of English translation or information about research conducted in other languages, therefore they are engaged in mapping other-than English speaking research and researchers in different countries. Don’t hesitate to let them know of interesting research and researchers in your countries, but also of original conceptual sources useful for the development of the restorative thought. 

They plan also to work towards a book collection on restorative research methods, so also get in touch if you think you would have a contribution to make. In the long term, they will invest in the development of a European Data System for restorative services, so let them know if you have ideas or if you have best practices to share.

Please, send your suggestions to

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