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Widening the Restorative Lens

An Initiative of the Research Committee of the European Forum for Restorative Justice

The Research Committee is launching an innovative call for papers for a project called “Widening the restorative lens” with the aim of outlining an edited book and/or special journal issue that brings together studies related to restorative justice.

The aim of this call for papers is to help the restorative justice field to widen the spectrum of its academic and cultural references to works, authors and ideas that do not belong to the traditional background of literature that has become a common ground for restorative scholars. This could include works, paradigms, proposals that are lesser known in the international debate on restorative justice due, for instance, to the following reasons:

1. Their authors have not written and published in English, so their ideas are known
mainly to those who speak their language.
2. Their authors wrote before the “birth” of restorative justice.
3. Their authors did not take part to the debate on restorative justice, but their ideas could
positively contribute to it with an “external” perspective.
4. Their authors have worked on restorative justice but have remained outside the
“mainstream” set of publications

Call for papers Research Committee 2


The proposed works should positively contribute to the current debate, offering ideas,
interpretive schemes, proposals that result complementary or in any case able to support the restorative paradigm with interesting and possibly innovative argumentative paths.

Anyone who is interested in writing on some of the works and/or authors that fit any of the categories above is invited to send, in form of an abstract (250-400 words), a proposal of publication in which they can outline:
a) the authors and/or works that are going to be analysed.
b) the reason why bringing to a wider audience such authors and/or works is deemed to
positively contribute to the current debate.

Call for papers Research Committee 3

15th of December 2020

Please send your proposals  before 15th of December to:

Within the end of this year, the Research Committee aims at outlining a possible list of
contributions, with the purpose to direct the resulting publications towards:
1. An edited book (Editors: Federico Reggio & Brunilda Pali)
2. A journal special issue (ex. The International Journal of Restorative Justice)

Once the proposals/abstracts have been collected, the Research Committee will decide over the publication, its criteria and deadlines, as well as peer-review process, with the aim of having it out within the year 2021.

Looking forward to your submission! 

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