Board Meeting and AGM participants

The terms of two Board members of the European Forum for Restorative Justice  (EFRJ) have come to their end and at its recent Annual General Meeting (24 June 2020) the organisation said farewell to Aarne Kinnunen and Roberto Moreno and thanked their dedicated work. 

Aarne Kinnunen was the member in the current Board who served for the longest period: 12 years. Aarne is from Finland and works as a Senior Ministerial Advisor in the Department of Criminal Policy and Criminal Justice in the Ministry of Justice in his country. He has supported the work of the EFRJ significantly in its endeavour to advance the restorative justice in local and international policies throughout Europe and beyond. His joy and prudent voice has been an invaluable asset within the Board. 

Roberto Moreno has contributed to the work of the Board for six years. He is from the Basque Country (Spain) and works as the Responsible Officer for justice and prisoners at the Basque Government’s Ombudsman Office. He assisted the organisation in multiple ways related to policy, the summer schools, and relations with Latin American countries. He had a great part in organising the EFRJ’s Symposium ‘From Penal Mediation to Restorative Justice’ in Bilbao (2019). The organisation is grateful for his constant work throughout these years and his cheerful character will be greatly missed from the Board meetings. 

The the two new Board members were elected through an online voting system during the past week and they were announced during the Annual General Meeting. The EFRJ is delighted to welcome in its Board Maia Chochua from Georgia and Petra Masopust Šachová from the Czech Republic. We are also grateful for the candidature of Dobrinka Chankova, Henrik Elonheimo, Jorge Elías Ollero Peran, and Anna Matczak!

Thanks for all members who participated in the election! 


Images: (1) Board Meeting (23 June 2020), waving farewell to Aarne Kinnunen and Roberto Moreno and  (2) The announcement of the two new Board members during the online Annual General Meeting (24 June 2020). 

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