Previous Executive Committee members (2022)

We are bidding farewell to the former Executive Committee members with the inauguration of the EFRJ’s new Executive Committee. Members of the outgoing Executive Committee played an important role in the past years in shaping the organisation.

Tim Chapman was the Chair of EFRJ’s Board since 2016. The organisation has developed in a remarkable scale during his Chairmanship. His strategic vision has been paired with humble and gentle leadership style. He represented the organisation on countless events, he invested a lot in developing the structure and contents of our training provision and played an important role in defining the basic values of our organisation and developing materials on standards and values of restorative justice.

Annemieke Wolthuis as Vice-Chair supported all these developments and invested a lot in the topics of child-friendly restorative justice and gender based violence. Her professional curiosity enabled the organisation to discover new domains, and contributed to establish new professional synergies with a number of important fields.

Finally, Bart Claes took the important role of Treasurer overseeing the financial sustainability of the organisation. He was always ready to ask the right, but sometimes difficult questions for the benefit of the management of the EFRJ. His cheerful and dynamic coordination announcements at the EFRJ events were unmistakable for the participants, and always contributed to get the community at a good energy level. 

We are delighted to see the continuity in the leadership of the organisation, as Brunilda Pali, who has been the Secretary of the Executive Committee for years, takes over the role of the Vice-Chair.

It was a real pleasure to work with you all and we would like to thank your commitment, time and energy invested in the EFRJ and in the development of restorative justice in Europe.

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