Tim Chapman

"It is time to be less inward looking and more engaged in supporting people to establish and maintain just relations with each other" - claims Tim Chapman, the Chair of our Board in our discussion about the prospects of the 20th anniversary year of the European Forum for Restorative Justice. We launch a new space on our website: The Restorative Blog  with his thoughts about the significance and the challenges of the upcoming year.
This blog  is new and it is not.  On the one hand, it will continue the tradition of our previous newsletters, and it will share reflections, interviews, articles and other materials from the field of restorative justice.  On the other hand it allows us to communicate more promptly about issues that matter for our membership and for people who follow our news. Our members will continue to receive the articles published here in the Newsletter format they are used to, and all  our published newsletters will be still accessible  on our website. 
The Restorative Blog will is curated by the Editorial Committee. If you have something to say, you are welcome to contact the Committee and submit an article (blog piece) proposal! 

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