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In this past month, we did our best to continue with the organisation of the 11th international conference of the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ), in Sassari (Italy) on 25-27 June 2020, despite the confusion and confrontation with the hard reality. With Italy on the frontline in the battle against the Covid-19, almost all countries are now facing the emergency and limiting freedom of movement within Europe and beyond.

The EFRJ Board and Secretariat, in close collaboration with the local organising team from Sassari University, and after consulting the representative of the Justice Programme of the European Commission, have decided to postpone the 11th international EFRJ conference to the end of June 2021. We wish to honour the work done until now by the Team delle Pratiche di Giustizia Ristorativa in Sassari University and give you all the opportunity to join this event next year. 

The exact days of the 11th EFRJ conference are 24-26 June 2021; the venue will remain the Music Conservatory Luigi Canepa in Sassari, Sardinia. The scientific programme will be slightly adapted, keeping the same themes and possibly the same speakers and local visits. A new call for submissions will be launched in autumn: authors whose abstracts were accepted already can decide to re-submit it or submit a new proposal (maybe inspired by a “justice beyond borders” also in times of coronavirus!). 

This postponement was not an easy decision to make especially since the 2020 also marks the 20th anniversary of the EFRJ, an additional reason for us to be together and celebrate. However, in this way, we wish to contribute to the general call to “stay home” and stay safe in the next months and still give the deserved visibility to our members in Italy who worked hard to put together the programme of our 11th conference. We do hope to meet many of you in December 2020 in Leuven on the Restorative Justice Art Festival planned to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the EFRJ; and next June 2021 in Sassari, hoping that this period of restrictions and insecurity will create the space for new innovative practices to rise for a true “justice beyond borders”.

Reimbursement Policy 

Participants who already registered will receive a 100% reimbursement of the fee within the next month. If you paid via credit card, you must provide your bank details for the refund to our Finance and Administration Officer Rik Defrere (rik.defrere@euforumrj.org). The EFRJ is not responsible for other refunds (e.g. flight, accommodation), but, if requested by your travel insurance, we may provide a supporting letter on the cancellation of the event. 

Other related events

The conference in Sassari was also linked to a series of other events. Some will still take place (online), while others will be postponed. We wish to share with you our future plans that will still bring us together this year: more details will come in the next months. For now, save the date: on Friday 26 June (18-19h CET) we will virtually meet our local organising team!

  • Annual General Meeting of the EFRJ membership – online on 24 June 2020;
  • Webinars – some online seminars between June-October 2020;
  • Training “Restorative language beyond borders” – postponed  
  • Seminar of the project “KINTSUGI” – postponed to December 2020 in Leuven, during the week of the REstART Festival;
  • European Restorative Justice Award ceremony – postponed to June 2021 in Sassari. 

For more information please contact Emanuela Biffi and/or Patrizia Patrizi

Download the announcement letter in PDF

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