Hashtag: Solidarity Over Distance

In these extraordinary times, when we are all asked to isolate ourselves, and when many of our members and partners have to face unprecedented situations, we want to express our solidarity and strengthen the community we belong to. That is why we are launching the #SolidarityOverDistance campaign today. Physical separation is very reasonable to prevent further harm now. At the same time, we believe that the most important now is to stand together, and to share our troubles and hopes. 

Listening to the news every day, we are worried about our friends and colleagues and we want to let them now that we care. On our channels we are going to offer a platform to share updates from them. What challenges are they facing? How are they coping with the situation? Professionals within our network most often provide services for people who experienced harm or people who are dealing with the consequences of a harm caused by them. They are typically in a very vulnerable situation, and the current crisis makes their status even more precarious. When will a mediation process be able to go on? How can a harm be repaired when human life and our social co-existence is in jeopardy? Through these short updates and interviews we also wish to share the thoughts of professionals in our membership: how are they dealing with these extreme professional challenges. Please join our campaign and share with us how do you experience this crisis. 

As a first update, we share our discussion with Daniela Arieti. Daniela is a mediator at the Restorative Justice Centre of Trentino Alto Adige Region. Currently she is lockdown at her hometown, Valeggio sul Mincio (close to Verona), which is in the most affected area in Italy by the Covid-19 outbreak. 

In our second discussion we asked Branka Peuraca (mediator, trainer and adjunct lecturer at the University of Zagreb) about the aftermath of the earthquake in Zagreb (22 March 2020) and the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis on her work. 

In the third discussion we asked Nancy Van Eynde (senior mediator at the Flemish  organisation, Moderator) to  tell about her experiences with the ongoing crisis and keeping up the work in these difficult circumstances. 

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