preconference training Sassari 2020

The European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) is organising an intensive pre-conference training course in Sassari (Sardinia, Italy) on 21-22 June 2022 on the use of innovative practices for encouraging communication in a restorative justice encounter: "Restorative language beyond borders. Creative communication strategies in restorative justice practices". 

As usual, our events bring together practitioners, researchers, trainers and other professionals interested in restorative justice from across Europe and beyond to exchange and discuss practices, ideas, challenges, and projects in the field of restorative justice. 

This training course is designed for restorative justice practitioners, who facilitate encounters with different vulnerable groups for whom non-verbal communication may be a barrier for engaging in a restorative justice encounter (e.g. children, migrants, people with communication disorders). Other professionals are also welcomed to attend the course.

The training course will occur just before the 11th international conference of the EFRJ entitled “Justice beyond borders. Restorative connections through space and language”. The training course is only offered as part of the conference package.

Find below the draft schedule of the week

Tue 21/6 Wed 22/6 Thu 23/6 Fri 24/6 Sat 25/6
9.30-17.00 Preconference training

9.30-13.00 Preconference training
17-19 AGM

19-20 Reception

9-17 Conference


20-23 Social event

9-17 Conference


20-23 Social dinner
& RJ Award ceremony

9-14 Conference


14-18 Field trips

Info on the pre-conference training course

This training course will focus on innovative practices for encouraging dialogue between people who have been harmed and who perpetrated harm in cases when verbal communication can be difficult (e.g. with children, with migrants, with people with communication disorders). This topic is relevant for ensuring that every person in Europe has the right of access to restorative justice services, in any criminal case and at any stage of the criminal procedures, and independently on possible language and communication barriers. 

The training course will include presentations and practical and interactive exercises focusing on the preparatory meetings, as well as the facilitation of a restorative justice process using innovative methods such as working with images, storytelling, etc. 

It will provide a safe and inspiring space for participants to gain additional knowledge and, where relevant, to practice advanced skills that will bring benefit to anyone who has been affected by a crime or conflict.

The group will have a maximum of 25 participants with an interest in innovative restorative justice practices (e.g. mediators, victim support officers, criminal justice professionals, social workers, educators, psychologists, art therapists, service managers, project coordinators, policymakers, researchers, trainers) coming from different countries in Europe and beyond. Participants are expected to have knowledge about restorative justice theories and/or practices and a good level of English.

Practical info

The venue is the same as for the EFRJ Conference, the music conservatory of Sassari University.
The training course is 1,5 day long (21 June all day and 22 June half day).

Registrations open in February.  Please note that the training course is reserved only to participants of the EFRJ conference and it is offered as a full conference package. 

Contributions to the costs of the event   
Average contribution  190€
Reduced contribution 

use the discount code Sassari_reduced

Solidarity contribution  228€
use the discount code Sassari_solidarity
Cannot contribute financially If the amounts above are too high for you, you are welcome to subscribe without a contribution, or pay less than €152 (asking for an additional discount). In this case we are asking you to explain your motivation to attend the event as well as the reasons for asking financial support. 

Please contact the EFRJ Training Officer to know more. For other questions related to the conference, please contact the EFRJ Events Officer.