Wendy Drewery sassari

New Zeland

Co-Director of the PB4L-RP programme – University of Waikato

Wendy Drewery is the Co-Director of a five year project at the University of Waikato, funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, to introduce restorative practices to a broad range of secondary schools in New Zealand under the Positive Behaviour for Learning Restorative Practices workstream (PB4L RP). Previously, she was Associate Professor and Associate Dean Academic in the School of Education, where she also taught in the developmental and counselling programs. She has spent a good part of her academic life working on integrating critical and constructionist ideas with respectful practice in professional and intercultural settings. She also supports the continuing development of the intersectoral potentials for restorative justice practice, in education, law, social work, and social development generally. Within this work she is particularly interested in the relational outcomes of intentional conversations and the productive use of language and forms of conversation to create meaning, specifically in how ways of speaking produce and maintain democratic relationships and preserve the agency of persons.