Dear EFRJ members and friends,

please dress up, take a glass (of wine, juice, whatever!) and join us for one hour on 8 December to celebrate our 20th anniversary! Let us know if you wish to contribute by sharing an anecdote, a poem, a song and we will make some space in the programme! Subject email "Let's party".

Our (former and current) Chairs of the EFRJ Board and Executive Directors will be there to share some anecdotes about the past of the EFRJ and to share some nice hopes and dreams for our future 20 years.

Our Community Guest Stars and Celebrities of the event are:

  • Ivo Aertsen, the Armstrong or Columbus of restorative justice
  • Siri Kemeny, the First Lady Trailblazer of the Board
  • Niall Kearney, the Thoughtful Mediator of the EFRJ
  • Michael Kilchling, our Lighthouse and Common Sense Rationality
  • Tim Chapman, our restorative Majestic Godfather
  • Monique Anderson, the Forest Lady Justice
  • Kris Vanspauwen, our Captain Barista Guru

This is a (virtual) private event for members and friends only. You included!
So, please register by 5 December and join us for the virtual party (on Zoom).

Also, do not forget that the EFRJ Jubilee starts already the week before with the REstART Festival on the arts of justice, solidarity and repair: we are looking forward to meeting you there too!

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Logo 20th anniversary of the EFRJ

In case you forgot to renew your membership this year, 2020 is not over yet: you should have received a personal reminder already, but in case you missed it here you have the link!

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