20th anniversary of the EFRJ

On this special year we wish to invite our members to actively take part in one or more new Working Groups we are about to launch. Please read the details below and -if you are interested- submit your application form before 7 September.

Gender Based Violence WG

Working Group on Gender Based Violence and Restorative Justice

This new Working Group is focusing on the question of how restorative justice can be useful in cases of gender-based violence to identify a different way to undo the injustice, repair harm, change the victim’s perception of oneself after the crime and to discourage the offender from committing further violence and harm.


WG Restorative Schools

Call for a new Working Group on Restorative Schools

The Working Group on Restorative Schools is focusing on the question of how restorative practice (the term usually used for the application of Restorative Justice values and principles applied in settings other than criminal justice) can be used in schools to build healthy relationships amongst all members of a school community and repair these relationships when they are damaged by challenging behaviours, conflict or crime.

Environmental Justice WG

Call for a new Working Group on Restorative Environmental Justice

This new Working Group wants to focus on the question of how restorative justice can be an opportunity to bridge the ineffectiveness of current environmental responses and the pressing need to correct existing harmful practices and prevent future environmental damage.

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