RJWeek 2021

Protect and Empower the Person Harmed

In 2021 the EFRJ highlights the potential of restorative justice for victims as the key theme of the Restorative Justice Week 2021 (#RJWeek). 

Restorative justice processes have a great potential to empower victims and survivors of crime, and to offer them closure. There is more and more understanding of how restorative justice can serve victims of different types of harm, including serious cases. Yet, restorative justice is still not accessible widely to all victims in every country. That is why the EFRJ puts this topic at the heart of the 2021’s Restorative Justice Week campaign. 

The Restorative Justice Week is observed every November for eight days starting on the third Sunday of the month. It offers an exceptional opportunity to raise awareness of restorative justice, to promote its use, and to present good practices. 

The EFRJ encourages its members and other partner organisations to actively take part in the Restorative Justice Week campaign, and to organise local and/or online events. As every year, the EFRJ collects and disseminates information on events happening ion Europe and beyond. 

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