LetsGoByTalking partners

The transnational workshop of the LetsGoByTalking project

Last Monday (8/3/2021) in the LetsGoByTalking project’s workshop 31 experts on either restorative justice or anti-LGBT hate crimes came together from Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain to discuss good strategies and lessons learned in their own work at the national level.
The workshop – also recognising the extent of LGBTI hate crime and lack of effective responses – was a follow up to the national workshops that took place in each of the 6 countries in the past two months. The latter aimed at providing a networking opportunity for practitioners working in the field of restorative justice and hate crime. While recognising that the field of restorative justice in terms of hate crimes is still in its infancy, the event allowed for different country perspectives to emerge around policy and cooperation, and assess the extent to which different practices may be transferable among countries.

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