Join a team of competent trainers! - EXTENDED DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS

The Purpose of the Call

The European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) aims to promote high quality restorative justice training practice throughout Europe. As a key element of this endeavour the EFRJ is establishing a register of competent trainers, the Register of Qualified Restorative Justice Trainers (Register from now on). The Register will allow the EFRJ to better connect arising training and consultancy needs with high quality training providers of the field. Registered trainers may be commissioned by the EFRJ to deliver training courses throughout Europe based on their area of expertise, availability and interest. The EFRJ is currently developing a range of restorative justice courses and aims to offer regular training opportunities in the near future (with the first course(s) organised already in 2020). In the future when the EFRJ will be contacted to hold a training or when the EFRJ will organise a training, registered members will be asked to propose a training offer for these opportunities, and registered trainers will form the primary pool of trainers that will be selected by the EFRJ to provide these trainings or courses.
In addition to courses and trainings developed by the EFRJ, applicants can also submit their own training course material for endorsement by the EFRJ. Depending on the course materials used during the trainings and courses the EFRJ will respect and transparently acknowledge the intellectual ownership of the materials. In any case it is also the EFRJ’s aim to give full credit to the registered trainers appointed for any given training or course.
Please note that this call is restricted to trainers who are members of the EFRJ. Applicants need to comply with the general aims of the EFRJ and its statement of values.


The (extended) deadline for the applications is 7 June 2020. In the future, new applications for the Register will be open regularly, at least once a year.
We expect to have the initial Register of Trainers established by the end of June 2020 with a preliminary training schedule in place by the end of July. Entering candidates become registered for a 2 years period, which will be renewable.
We envisage that future courses will include issues such as: restorative justice & serious harm, victim-offender mediation, circles, conferencing, restorative justice & sexual harm, restorative justice & intimate partner violence, restorative justice & hate crime. In addition, we also expect to offer courses in other fields that EFRJ registered trainers will cover.

Practical Tip & Contact

You are not able to save an incomplete form and return to it later. So we recommend you to use the attached document to prepare your answers to the questions and upload your application when you feel ready. 

In case you have any questions regarding this application, please contact Bálint Juhász, the EFRJ Training and Communication Officer. 

EFRJ Register of Qualified Restorative Justice Trainers

Application Form 2020

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