The EFRJ and the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice (NACRJ) organise a series of EU-US webinars between April-December 2021. Below more information about the 4th webinar:

Restorative School Culture
with Michelle Stowe (Ireland) and Nancy Riestenberg  (USA)

Speakers will talk about how restorative practices can transform the culture and improve the climate in schools.

Please click on "subscribe" to register. The registration fee is 16 EUR (20 US $); EFRJ and NACRJ members will receive a 50% discount code to register. To know more about the EU&US webinar series click here.

Note: the views and perspectives expressed by featured speakers are theirs and may not be held by EFRJ & NACRJ as event organizers.

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Restorative School Culture

Webinar >>> Monday 13 December 2021 (17.30-19.00 CET)

Michelle Stowe, Ireland

Michelle is an educator at heart, and now works as a restorative practitioner, trainer, researcher and consultant. In her role as the director of Connect RP, she mainly supports schools in growing a restorative culture that puts people and relationships at the heart of a learning community.  She taught English and Spanish at second level for 16 years and is currently lecturing trainee teachers on the Professional Masters in Education (PME) programme in Maynooth University. She facilitates continuing professional development courses for teachers in Education Centres throughout the country. She supports schools in co-creating a relational school community through partnerships amongst schools, mentoring internal distributed leadership teams, and her online UBUNTU Learning Platform which enables a school to bring RP to all its stakeholders. Check out her TEDx for an introduction to her work.

Nancy Riestenberg, USA

BIO COMING SOON - Nancy is deeply involved in creating restorative school communities in Minnesota and around the nation.  She has worked with many school districts and is probably the most knowledgeable and experienced person in the field of RJ practices in school on the US side.