Here we wish to introduce you to the contributions on SOLIDARITY!

The REstART Festival will start on 30/11 with the launch of all artworks (including the films) online: in this way, you will be able to enjoy the artworks and prepare to the virtual talks with the artists. Among others, we will launch the photo exhibition from Tempio Pausania Restorative City prepared by the students of different high schools in Tempio Pausania and the prisoners of the high security prison of Nuchis (Italy). We will also launch the photo exhibition “The Presence of the Void” (Israel/ Palestina) made by ten Palestinian and Israeli bereaved women seeking to photograph the presence of their lost loved ones, and to give voice to the absence. You will be able to meet some of them on 4/12, during the talk on the film “One day after peace”. Also on the theme of solidarity, we will launch the pre-recorded presentation on the potential of gift making within restorative justice by Clair Aldington (UK). You can talk to Clair and two more contributors on  1/12. On the same day, colleagues working a community building project in Central America will present the restorative-oriented board game "Journey to discover the other" (Italy-El Salvador). In solidarity with the movement, raising awareness about restorative justice, the Vermont Law School is hosting the art contest "Reimagining Justice", asking creative minds to submit images, photos and symbols on restorative justice. Finally, two artists proposed to present the results of self-portraits of prisoners in Brussels published in individual art books and two activists from Flanders will propose a slide show of the art projects with prisoners, victims and other citizens in Leuven (Belgium): these will be available online during REstART!